#TackleAsthma Team Captain Sarah Attacks Asthma

Out on the lacrosse field, 13-year-old Sarah plays on the attack wing. She dodges, screens, shoots and scores goals. Most of the time she’s able to manage her asthma so it doesn’t hold her back. “But when asthma makes it hard for me to breathe,” she explains, “I feel like – whoa! – I need to sit down, use my inhaler and take it slow.”

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America’s #TackleAsthma program taught Sarah something about asthma management that surprised her. She learned that she needs to condition more than the kids who don’t have asthma.

“When I thought about it, it made sense,” she says. “Other kids run and are fine with it. I run and I’m not fine with it. But I can get better by running more often and conditioning my body.”

Sarah attacks asthma

Sarah also has food allergies. Although she doesn’t like carrying her asthma and food allergy medications with her, she always does anyway. She knows how important it is to be prepared for emergencies.

Sarah’s mother, Maureen, points out another important way to keep Sarah healthy. “I think maintenance and follow up are so important,” Maureen states. “Keep up with the appointments. Stay on top of the testing. You can’t put a price on healthy breathing.”

Healthy breathing – that’s what #TackleAsthma is all about!


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