#TackleAsthma Team Captain Grace Is On Her Way to the Pros

Although Grace, 10, has both asthma and food allergies, she does not let either get in her way. When she grows up, she wants to be a professional athlete. Considering what a stand-out athlete she is now, Grace is well on her way to making her dream happen.

“Grace will always put a full effort into her sports,” her mother, Lucia, explains.

Grace remembers when she first understood what it means to have asthma.

“I kept having to use the puffer [inhaler],” she says, “and then it started to get worse whenever I played soccer.”

Now Grace finds that using her inhaler before the game makes a big difference for her.

When Grace was first diagnosed with asthma, Lucia worried. Would it hinder Grace’s life? So far that fear has not come true. Grace plays lacrosse, soccer, tennis and golf, and even ran a 5K race when she was eight.

Join Grace to #TackleAsthma

Lucia feels that helping Grace learn to manage her asthma and food allergies is a way to #TackleAsthma. “It won’t hinder them if they know how to take care of themselves,” she points out.

“But it’s one thing to say ‘I’m not going to let this hold my child back,’ and another to have the backing for that. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America provides that backing. It is a great resource for all of us to learn, get inspiration and be a part of.”

Join Grace to #TackleAsthma today!


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