#TackleAsthma Team Captain Emmanuel Bats Against Asthma

For Emmanuel, 13, baseball is in his blood. “I’m Dominican!” he proudly says, explaining why he loves the sport so much. The NY Mets is his favorite team, and he hopes to play professionally some day. Diagnosed with asthma at 4, this young athlete realized something was different as he ran around the fields.

“I asked my mom, ‘why do I get tired so fast?’” says Emmanuel. “She told me asthma is when your lungs don’t work as good.”

Asthma makes baseball a challenge. “I can’t run for a long time like the other kids,” he says.

Tackle Asthma with Rashad Jennings

The #TackleAsthma program showed Emmanuel and his family that staying on top of asthma and preventing flare-ups keeps you in the game – in Emmanuel’s case, 1st base, his favorite position.

“You’re in the center of the action most of the time,” he says.

His dad, Ozzie, coaches for Emmanuel’s team and shares information from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America with other parents. “The programs that AAFA has developed – it’s like no other I have known or experienced,” he says.

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