Take a Stand for People Living With Asthma and Allergies in May

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America invites you to get involved in May 2018 for Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month!

Here are 10 things you can do this month to honor people with asthma and allergies:

  1. Improve the lives of those with asthma and allergies by getting involved in research. If you or a family member has asthma and/or allergies fill out our interest survey. We are looking for motivated people to help us improve patient involvement in research. Based on your answers, we will match you with opportunities that can include:
    • Becoming an advisor on important research, working side by side with AAFA, scientists and/or researchers
    • Reviewing content
    • Pilot testing research
    • Joining research studies (including clinical trials)
  2. Join our asthma community to follow our blog for the latest news on asthma and allergy research and treatments. Our community also provides a place to meet others who manage asthma and allergic disease for shared support.
  3. Join one of our awareness events – there are online, local and national events happening the entire month of May! Keep checking as we are adding more events through the month!
  4. Share our images on social media. Update your profile picture or cover image and share awareness messages.
  5. Join our award-winning food allergy community.
  6. Share your story with us to raise asthma and allergy awareness. What do you want others to know about living with asthma and allergies on a daily basis
  7. Tell parents, schools and health care providers about our educational programs. We have training materials for asthma and allergies.
  8. Donate on behalf of someone you love with asthma or allergies.

  9. Get support for yourself or a loved one. Connect with a support group or reach out to one of our local chapters: Alaska, Maryland-D.C., New England, Michigan, St. Louis.
  10. Consider hosting your own event on behalf of AAFA! We can show you how!

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