Social Media Tools to Spread Asthma and Allergy Awareness

Raise awareness about asthma and allergies during National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month in May or any time of year. Share facts, infographics, images, and other information with your friends on social media. You can change your cover and profile pictures to support asthma and allergy awareness. For Food Allergy Awareness Week activities and shareables, visit our Kids With Food Allergies division.

How to share images:
Click or tap on an image. Save it to your computer or mobile device. For desktop computers, right-click and "save as." Then share the image with your friends and family via social media. Be sure to tag us!

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Share Our Awareness Images

We continue to add to the collection of Shareable Awareness Images on our Asthma and Allergy Support Community. It's easy to use the social sharing buttons to post these images to your favorite social media. You can also download, save, and then upload to your social networks. Here are some of our most popular images:

May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month
Text that reads differences in asthma rates, ER visits and deaths are highly connected with structural racism, poverty, air quality, housing conditions, and poor health care.
There is No Cure for Asthma
Cutwaway image of airways comparing a normal airway with an airway during an asthma attack where muscles tighten, airways swell and clog with mucus making making hard for the lungs to move air in and out
Where Dust Mites Live
Image of a smoggy cityscape with text air pollution can worsen asthma symptoms


Save and Share These Awareness Ribbons and Profile Pictures:

asthma awareness ribbon advocate
allergy awareness ribbon advocate
asthma allergy awareness ribbone
asthma awareness blue lungs
asthma awareness teal lungs

Get food allergy awareness ribbons from our Kids With Food Allergies division.

Change Your Social Media Covers:

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31 Days of Action Asthma Awareness Twitter Cover
Asthma Allergy Awareness Month Join to Improve Lives
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Quick Tweets to Spread Asthma and Allergy Awareness

In honor of Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, I'm taking action to save lives and prevent asthma and allergies. Join me and @AAFANational Tweet This

There is no cure for #asthma. The best way to manage asthma is to avoid triggers, take medicine to prevent symptoms and prepare to treat attacks. Learn how with AAFA's ASTHMA Care online course: via @AAFANational Tweet This

Common #asthma symptoms are coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing and chest tightness. via @AAFANational Tweet This

An #asthma episode, also called an asthma flare-up or asthma attack, can happen any time. Mild symptoms may only last a few minutes while more severe asthma symptoms can last hours or days. Learn more about asthma symptoms: via @AAFANational Tweet This

Up to 60% of adults and 80% of kids with asthma also have allergies that trigger their asthma also known as allergic asthma. via @AAFANational Tweet This

People with #asthma have concerns beyond their physical health. They may be burdened by financial impacts such as missed work days and the cost of medicine. via @AAFANational Tweet This

Kids with #asthma have concerns beyond their physical health. Kids miss more than 13.8 million school days because of asthma. Tools to help manage asthma at school: via @AAFANational Tweet This

SPRING ALLERGY TIP: Keep your windows closed and remove your shoes before entering your home to cut down how much pollen gets inside your home. More pollen allergy tips available at from @aafanational Tweet This

Quick Tweets about food allergies!


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