freshAAIR Magazine – 2019 Past Issues

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Spring 2019 freshAAIR Magazine


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In this issue:

  • Allergic Asthma: When Allergens Make It Hard to Breathe
  • A Word From AAFA's CEO
  • A Word From AAFA's Board Chair
  • Is Your Severe Asthma Under Control?
  • Spring 2019 Allergy Capitals
  • A Promising Life Cut Short
  • The Allergic March: Can We Stop It?
  • Are You Controlling Allergens in Your Bedroom?
  • To Make Or Not to Make Your Bed
  • CERTIFIED Products Make an Impact Through Philadelphia Healthier Homes Initiative
  • Asthma-Friendly Teamwork: Working With Your Employer to Create a Healthier Workplace
  • Tips for Preventing Allergic Reactions to Tree and Grass Pollen
  • Ask the Allergist: Is Coughing at Night an Asthma Symptom?
  • Climate Change and Your Health
  • Traveling With Allergic Asthma

Fall 2019 freshAAIR Magazine

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In this issue:

  • Is Your Home Making You Sick?
  • Helping Families Overcome Asthma and Allergies
  • An Award-Winning Partnership
  • Hypoallergenic: Science or Marketing Hype?
  • The asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Process
  • Consumer Insights: Wants, Needs and Beliefs
  • Bedroom Hygiene Is Crucial for Healthy Sleep Hygiene
  • CERTIFIED Products Guide
  • Improve Your Indoor Air Quality to Improve Your Health
  • CERTIFIED Products Make an Impact Through Washington, D.C. Healthier Homes Initiative
  • Air Cleaners: What You Need to Know
  • Building and Remodeling: Paint, Flooring and Insulation