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Insurance Coverage, Denials, & the Appeals Process

  • Has your doctor recommended an asthma or allergy procedure or service and you don’t know if your insurance company will pay for it?

  • Has your insurance company denied coverage for a new procedure or service because they consider it "investigational?"

  • Do you feel like you could use some help understanding insurance coverage and denials and what you can do?

Health insurance can be tough to understand, so we are here to help.  AAFA created this web site to help you understand the process of trying to get an asthma or allergy service or procedure recommended by your doctor covered by your insurance.

You have the right to ask your insurance company to cover a procedure or service that your doctor has recommended and considers medically necessary for you.  Some patients have  been successful in getting their insurance company to pay for their treatment using the request and appeals process.  This is true even in some cases where the treatment was originally denied by the insurance company.  Stay motivated and pursue and exhaust all the options available to you.  Read on to learn more!

If you don’t have health insurance, click here for more information.

Below you will find links to information to help you navigate the insurance maze and understand your options. 

Understanding Insurance Coverage

Understanding Insurance Denials & the Appeals Process

Doctor Appeal Process

Patient Appeal Process

Understanding My Options When All Appeals are Denied by the Insurance Company

Insurance Resources







This web section was supported in part by Boston Scientific Corporation.  

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