Asthma Capitals: Lack of Health Insurance

In AAFA's Asthma Capitals ReportDownload PDF, we looked at eight risk factors that can affect asthma rates: poverty, lack of health insurance, poor air qualitypollen countslong-term control medicine usequick-relief medicine usesmoking laws and access to specialists.

Health care and medicines can cost a lot. Insurance can help pay for costs. But insurance can be costly.

These costs can depend on if you have a job. And if so, it depends on if your employer offers health insurance as a benefit. Other options include marketplace health insurance and government sponsored insurance, like Medicare or Medicaid. Some states also have health insurance options for their residents.

lack of insurance

Texas, Florida and Oklahoma have yet to expand their Medicaid programs under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Texas is home to the largest number of uninsured Americans of any state in the country.1 For the millions of uninsured people in these states, this decision has left them without an option for affordable health insurance.

In our My Life With Asthma survey, we found that the top three reasons people didn’t take their prescribed asthma treatments were due to not being able to afford the medicines, medicine cost and the lack of health insurance coverage.



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