Researchers and Academics

Even though a lot of research and studies have been done on asthma and allergies, we still have a lot to learn. Effective treatments exist for many Americans, but not for everyone yet. We have a better understanding of the causes of asthma and allergic diseases, but we can’t prevent or cure them.

A study by the Institute of Medicine called Crossing the Quality Chasm

“The U.S. health care delivery system does not provide consistent, high-quality medical care to all people.”

Yet effective treatments do exist.

Health care reform is changing how Americans receive medical treatment. This change is an opportunity. We can use it to understand how to improve our health care system.

A study by the Institute of Medicine called Crossing the Quality Chasm download PDF  AAFA is actively working with researchers. We support young researchers beginning careers in biomedicine. We hope they will find better treatments, prevention and even cures. At the same time, we work with researchers to learn about those with asthma and food allergies. This allows us to understand what challenges people living with asthma and allergies face. Also, we can learn how, and how well, those difficulties are being solved whil e we continue our research.