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Asthma Capitals

AsthmacapmapThere is no place safe from asthma, and some cities make living with asthma more difficult. More than 25.9 million people live with asthma in the U.S., making it one of the most common and costly diseases.

The Asthma Capitals is an annual research project to call attention to “the most challenging places to live with asthma,” and to advocate for changes in each city to improve the quality of life for people with asthma. Rankings are based on analysis of 13 factors in three groups:

  • Prevalence Factors – morbidity/mortality statistics
  • Risk Factors – air quality, smoking laws and more
  • Medical Factors – medicine use and access to doctors

2014 Rankings (PDF)
2013 Rankings (PDF) 
2012 Rankings (PDF) 
2011 Rankings (PDF) 
2010 Rankings (PDF) 
2009 Rankings (PDF) 
2008 Rankings (PDF) 
2007 Rankings (PDF)

2006 Rankings (PDF)
2005 Rankings (PDF)

2004 Rankings (PDF)


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