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Severe Asthma

What Is Severe Asthma?  

Severe asthma affects a small number of asthma patients, but those patients with severe asthma experience more asthma-related symptoms, attacks and deaths.  Severe asthma does not always respond easily to long-term controller medicines. Patients with severe asthma often need large doses of multiple medications to control their asthma and still may have serious asthma symptoms. Severe asthma really affects a patient’s quality of life. It can make the most basic daily activities a struggle and can make sleeping at night difficult due to frequent asthma symptoms.  

AAFA conducted a patient survey to learn more about the major impact severe asthma has on patient’s quality of life. These patients said that asthma interrupted their daily routines, felt their medicines were not effective, and called for new treatment options for their severe asthma.  The survey patients also told AAFA they had visited the emergency department at least once for a severe asthma attack.  Click here to view the full survey report and find out what patients are saying about living with severe asthma.

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