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Become an advocate with AAFA!

An AAFA advocate is someone who stands up for the asthma and allergy community by making his or her voice heard. Many people, including our elected leaders, are not informed about asthma and allergies, so we depend on individuals like you to raise your voice and help us fight for positive public policy changes that can result in better asthma and allergy treatments, improved Medicare and Medicaid benefits, increased access to care – and even cures.

Let your voice be heard on critical issues, and together we can help raise awareness, increase education, improve diagnosis, and fund research in order to improve the lives of everyone affected by asthma and allergies.

How Do I Advocate for Those With Asthma and Allergic Diseases?

There are lots of ways to be an effective and successful asthma and allergic disease advocate. Some examples of advocacy activities are:

  • You can raise awareness by posting about asthma and allergic disease on your Facebook and by linking to the social media pages of both AAFA and our food allergy division, Kids With Food Allergies
  • Write about asthma and allergic disease on your Facebook
  • Visit your representative in their district office
  • Write to the editor of your local paper about asthma and allergic disease
  • Start a patient, family or caregiver organization or group in your area

The Action Center
The easiest way to advocate for asthma and allergic disease is to visit the AAFA Action Center. The Action Center is the cornerstone of our advocacy strategy, providing advocates with information on current legislative campaigns and offers simple ways to make your voice heard in Congress. All on one website you can:

  • Send pre-written advocacy letters to your representatives
  • Look up contact information for your local, state, and national representatives
  • Sign up to receive action alerts so you know when Congress is dealing with asthma and allergic disease legislation
  • Email your friends about the Action Center
  • Find local newspapers to write to about asthma and allergic disease
  • Learn more about asthma and allergic disease legislation
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with representatives with tips on scheduling meetings, writing letters, or making phone calls

What is an Action Alert?
Action Alerts are set up to notify advocates about pending asthma and allergy-related legislation, whether on a federal or state level. When you sign up as an advocate with AAFA, you will receive email alerts on issues happening nationally or in your state. When you receive a link to an Action Alert, you will be able to learn more about a specific issue and find out why it’s important to the asthma and allergy community. You will also be able to send a pre-written letter to your elected officials. You can personalize the letter by adding your own story or send it as is!

Depending on the Action Alert, your letter may be sent to your Senators, Representatives, or other state elected officials. Just click on the link, fill out the form, review the letter and click submit! It’s as simple as that to contact your elected officials and stand up for the asthma and allergy community.

Contact us:

Advocacy-related questions or comments? Need help using the Action Center? Contact us at advocacy@aafa.org for assistance.

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