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Validated Programs

docRibbon This symbol indicates a "validated" health education program demonstrated through formal research to be an effective educational intervention. These programs are recognized by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as potentially effective educational interventions. Currently, AAFA's validated programs include:

Ribbon Validated Programs for Children, Parents and Cargivers  

Validated Program Asthma Care Training (ACT) for Kids
Validated Program Wee Wheezers
Validated Program Wee Wheezers at Home
Validated Program You Can Control Asthma

Ribbon Validated Programs for Adolescents

Validated Program Power Breathing

Ribbon Validated Programs in Spanish  

Validated Program Wee Wheezers: Para Los Padres de Niños Pequeños
Validated Program Usted Puede Controlar el Asma (You Can Control Asthma)


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