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Ready? Set? Go with Asthma! Exercise-Induced Asthma Program
This program can be used by health professionals/educators to educate anyone who works with school-age children who are engaging in a physical activity such as a coach, PE teacher, community recreation worker and others. This resource was designed to be used either for presentations to groups or self-study. The program content includes an introductory letter, Meeting Coordinator’s Guide, Presenter’s Guide, Power Point presentation, 7 handouts, an evaluation form and sign-in sheet. This FREE resource is only available online at the link below.

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Meeting-in-a-Box Presentation Seriesmeeting in a box
This series of presentations include all the components for asthma education. Each English kit has everything you need for a 1-hour presentation (2 hours for Spanish). Kits include: over 50 colorful slides; presenter’s guide and script; meeting coordinator’s guide; reproducible handouts; sample peak flow meter and spacer; meeting sign-in sheet; meeting evaluation form; and information about AAFA. The English presentations available on CD include electronic files of all materials plus a PowerPoint document with the slides, script and handouts.

Box #1: The ABC’s of Asthma
Definitions, anatomy and triggers.
$60.00 (Order #H-003)
$55.00 on CD (Order #H-003CD)

  • Box #2: Getting the Most from Your Medications
    Information about medicines plus when and why they work.
    $60.00 (Order #H-004)
    $55.00 on CD (Order #H-004CD)
  • Box #3: The Tools of Asthma Management
    Spacers, peak flow meters, inhalers and nebulizers.
    $60.00 (Order #H-005)
    $55.00 on CD (Order #H-005CD)
  • Box #4: Asthma Management at School
    The basics from the first 3 boxes plus how to identify asthma emergencies at school, exercise-induced asthma, and how to form a school management team.
    $35.00 (Order #H-006)
    $30 on CD (Order #H-006CD)
  • Box #5: Controle Su Asma-Reunion Al Instante (Spanish)
    Asthma basics, statistics, definitions and goals of therapies, triggers, medications and tools for asthma management.
    $60.00 Temporarly Out of Stock
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