#TackleAsthma Team Captain Seth Encourages Friends with Asthma Not to Panic

Seth’s first asthma attack happened in school, during a run. “My chest was getting tight and it was hard for me to breathe,” says the now 12-year-old, who also has life-threatening allergies to multiple foods. Fortunately, the school nurse was prepared had quick-relief medicine on hand.

Seth attended a football camp for kids with asthma held by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Seth thought he understood asthma before AAFA’s #TackleAsthma program - or “good enough,” he says. But after listening to Rashad Jennings, running back for the New York Giants, and Dr. Neeta Ogden talk, he realizes there is more to do if he wants to play pro sports. For instance, he says, “I take my inhaler before every single practice and I take my nebulizer before every single game. That helps a lot.”

When a classmate was diagnosed with asthma, the child came to him for advice. That made Seth feel good. Seth says his advice is that “you don’t have to panic a lot about it.” And that other classmates without asthma and allergies need to know that “asthma doesn’t affect the way you are.”

Keep Kids with Asthma Safe and Healthy