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Asthma and Allergy Materials for Patients and Caregivers | AAFA.org AAFA | Programs for Patients and Caregivers


Asthma and Allergy Educational Materials and Tools for Patients and Caregivers

AAFA offers many educational materials and tools for patients of all ages. Many are available in Spanish. Also, if you or your child has food allergies, visit Kids With Food Allergies (KFA). KFA is AAFA’s food allergy division. It has extra resources, like allergy-friendly recipes and webinars.


Where Can I Find Free Materials and Tools to Download?

Asthma Action Plan Download PDF

Everyone with asthma should have a written Asthma Action Plan. This plan has information and instructions on how to manage your asthma. It has sections for information about medicines, how to know when your symptoms get worse and what to do in an emergency. If you do not have an Asthma Action Plan, download and print this form. Take it to your doctor and have them fill it out for you. Asthma Action Plans also tell school staff and other caregivers about your child’s asthma. You can give it to teachers, school nurses and after-school care staff.

Student Asthma Action Card Download PDFasthma action card      
The Student Asthma Action Card is great tool to give to your child’s school about asthma management. It has sections for asthma triggers, daily medicines and emergency directions.

Child Care Asthma/Allergy Action Card Download PDF 
action cardThis card has information you need to care for your young child with asthma or allergies. The card has sections for information about a medication plan and a list of your child’s signs and symptoms. It also has steps on how to handle asthma and allergy emergencies.

Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan Download PDF

Everyone with a life-threatening allergy should know what to do during an allergic reaction. You should have a written Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan. It tells you and others what to do if you have allergic symptoms or a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis). If you do not have a written Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan, download and print this form. Take it to your doctor and have them fill it out for you. Anaphylaxis Action Plans also tell school staff and other caregivers about your child’s severe allergies. You can give your plan to school nurses, teachers and after-school care staff.


QuickAsthma Cards       
QuickAsthma Cards offer a fast way for you to learn life-saving information. You can put your own information on these cards. You can carry them in your purse, briefcase or backpack. Give copies to caregivers, teachers and family members.
QuickAsthma Spacers Card Download PDF
QuickAsthma Peak Flow Card Download PDF

QuickAsthma Inhalers Card Download PDF
QuickAsthma Nebulizers Card Download PDF

quickasthmaQuickReport Cards 
QuickReport Cards help you make environments better for those with asthma or allergies. These cards are great for parents, school staff, management and workers.
QuickReport Card – Home Download PDF
QuickReport Card – Workplace Download PDF

Asthma-Friendly Home – A Checklist for Families

This asthma trigger checklist is easy for families to use. It helps you find and control your child’s asthma triggers at home. It has simple ideas to help you get rid of or reduce your child’s asthma triggers.

Asthma-Friendly Home - A Checklist for Families –English  Download PDF
Asthma-Friendly Home - A Checklist for Families –Spanish  Download PDF

Asthma-Friendly Child Care – A Checklist for Child Care Providers
This asthma trigger checklist is easy for child care providers to use. It helps them find and control asthma triggers in their child care center. It can help staff keep their place healthy for the children they serve. Parents can also use this checklist when looking for child care.

Asthma-Friendly Child Care - A Checklist for Providers –English  Download PDF
Asthma-Friendly Child Care - A Checklist for Providers –Spanish  Download PDF

Ally & Andy’s Awesome Asthma and Allergy Activity Booklet  Download PDF  
Ally & Andy’s Awesome Asthma and Allergy Activity Booklet (Arabic)   Download PDF  

http://www.aafa.org/pdfs/Activities.jpgThis coloring and activity book gives children and families a basic understanding of asthma and food allergies. It is a fun way for children to learn how to know common asthma triggers. It also helps them learn how to manage their asthma and food allergies. It has word finds, crossword puzzles, word scrambles, mazes and other activities. It also has a story to read and color and a list of websites on asthma and allergies for parents and kids.

Books and Other Materials Available to Purchase


Asthma Basics for Children – A Parent Handbook

This handbook helps parents of young children (newborn through age 6) learn to manage their child’s asthma. It covers important asthma management topics. It also has six activities parents or caregivers can use to help children learn more about asthma.

$12 each (English #H-014PE, Spanish #H-014PS)

youcanYou Can Control Asthma

The You Can Control Asthma education program gives children ages 6 to 12 and families more self-confidence and knowledge and skills needed to control asthma. These books teach asthma management through pictures, captions and activities. The book for kids is at a third-grade reading level. They help them make choices and feel in control of their asthma. The book for families is at a fifth-grade reading level. It helps you help your child manage their asthma.

Family Book: $5.50 (English #B-001E, Spanish #B-001S)
Kids’ Book: $5.50 English #B-002E, (Spanish #B-002S – Temporarily out of stock)
$10 Set of Books (English #B-003E, Spanish – Temporarily out of stock) 

Spanish BrochuresAsthma Brochures in Spanish    
We offer brochures in Spanish. They have basic information about managing asthma, written in easy-to-understand terms.

Single copies: $1.50 (See order number below.)

  • Brochure 1: ¿Que Es Asma? (What is Asthma?) (#P-013S)
  • Brochure 2: Lo que Usted Necesita Saber Sobre las Medicinas para el Asma (What You Need to Know about Medicines for Asthma) (#P-014S)
  • Brochure 3: Plan para el Control de los Activadores del Asma (Asthma Trigger Control Plan) (#P-015S)
  • Brochure 4: Medidores de Potencia Respiratoria (Peak Flow Meters) (#P-016S)

For more information or to place an order for materials, please contact AAFA at:

PHONE: 1-800-727-8462 1-800-727-8462 Monday - Friday between 10 AM and 3 PM EST

Or print out this PDF order form Download PDF and email, mail or fax to AAFA at:

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
8201 Corporate Drive
Suite 1000
Landover, MD 20785
FAX: 202.466.8940