Explore Asthma and Allergy Research

AAFA is the only patient organization to fund research grants for both asthma and allergic diseases. Our research goals:

  • Enhance the understanding of asthma and allergic diseases
  • Develop improved treatments to manage these diseases
  • Help search for cures
  • Support advanced training in allergy and immunology
  • Better understand patient awareness
  • Find out how behaviors relate to asthma and allergy prevention and treatment

Asthma Research Allergy Research


Patient-Centered Research

Patients play a bigger and more critical role in research now. AAFA is building a system to engage patients in the research process. Patients will have a stronger voice in research. In 2016, we are launched a food allergy registry. It will enable us to organize and amplify the voices of the 15 million Americans struggling with food allergies.

The Registry gives families an important role and a stronger voice in the research that can lead to improved treatments and, ultimately, a cure. This registry is designed to collect data to guide research and help make life better for everyone living with food allergies.

food allergy patient registry information

To help fuel food allergy research, simply:

  • Register online (your child and/or yourself)
  • Enter some basic information
  • Complete a confidential, no-cost Food Allergy History & Diagnosis Survey


Clinical Trials

Clinical trials collect data about the safety and efficacy of new drug and device development. There are several steps and stages of approval in the clinical trials process.