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State Honor Roll 2013    Print Page

The State Honor Roll of Asthma and Allergy Policies for schools, www.StateHonorRoll.org, is an annual research project of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) to identify states with the most comprehensive and preferred statewide public policies supporting people with asthma, food allergies, anaphylaxis risk and related allergic diseases in U.S. elementary, middle and high schools. The goal of this report is to identify state-level progress towards better school-based policies, and to provide a blueprint for asthma and allergy advocates nationwide.2013 State Honor Roll

Get Involved! Review the report, find out where your state stands on policies protecting people with asthma and allergies, see the links to resources below, and take action today!


Seven states and the District of Columbia have been named once again to AAFA's Honor Roll. Congratulations to: Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington. Click on the interactive map and the additional resource links below for detailed reports for all 50 states and DC, comprehensive reports for the Honor Roll states, study methodology and more.

The 2013 report is made possible by a sponsorship from Mylan Specialty L.P., and additional support from Genentech and individual donations to AAFA from patients, families and supporters.




Most States Fall Behind

With millions of children heading back to classrooms in the coming weeks, asthma and food allergies at school present serious concerns, but some states are better than others when it comes to supporting students with these chronic diseases. Asthma is the most common chronic cause of school absences in the U.S., accounting for 14 million missed school days each year. Nearly 8 million children have asthma, over 10 million have other allergic diseases like nasal and skin allergies, and more than 3 million have food allergies putting them at risk for anaphylaxis. In addition, millions of adults have asthma and allergies, putting teachers, food workers and others in the school setting at risk. In fact, every day, asthma symptoms and allergic reactions strike in the classroom, gym, cafeteria, on the bus or playground.

That’s why AAFA assesses state-level school policies regarding asthma and allergies in this annual report, which recognizes progress where it is happening and provides a blueprint for advocates and policymakers to improve policies nationwide.

Spotlight on Progress

One of the bright-spots in school policy for 2013 is the speed and momentum of efforts to pass laws in the states allowing schools to stock epinephrine auto-injectors – emergency medication for anaphylaxis, the most severe type of allergic reaction. Since last year’s State Honor Roll report, sixteen states have passed legislation allowing schools to stock this life-saving medication, the only treatment available for anaphylaxis. These states joined eleven others that had existing stocking laws, bringing the total number of states with such laws to 27. See the "Spotlight" report below. 

About the Study

AAFA research and policy experts, in consultation with leaders in the fields of medicine, education and advocacy, identified a variety of “policy standards” among all 50 states and the District of Columbia relating to asthma and allergies in schools, grouped in to three categories:

  • Medication & Treatment
  • Awareness 
  • School Environment

Researchers determined which states currently have the most supportive asthma and allergy policy standards in place and considered these states to be at the forefront of asthma and allergy school advocacy. States with a minimum of 15 of the 18 policy standards in place are named “Honor Roll” states. These states represent good models for policymakers, administrators, teachers, parents and advocates in other states. 




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