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Wee Wheezers    Print Page

weeRibbon Wee Wheezers is a validated asthma education program in English and Spanish, based on social learning theory and designed specifically for parents of young children under the age of seven. The program consists of four small group sessions for parents that last approximately 2-hours each. Children, ages 4-6, attend two sessions designed for them along with their parents. Nurses with pediatric asthma management experience or other professional health education providers familiar with pediatric asthma facilitate the sessions.

Program Goals

The program helps parents gain the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to recognize, prevent, and/or appropriately manage asthma symptoms; to use medical, educational, and interpersonal resources for information and support; communicate effectively with other adult caretakers and physicians; and promote general well-being of the family unit. The program helps children learn basic asthma management skills.

Program Content

Basic Concepts of Asthma
Coping in Crisis
Action Plan for Asthma Management
Symptoms of an Acute Episode
Symptoms Prevention
Communication about Asthma

Asthma physiology
Early warning signs and triggers
Belly breathing
Asthma self-management
Use of peak flow meters
Use of metered dose inhalers
Use of asthma medications

Program Materials

The Wee Wheezers program kit includes the following materials packaged in a convenient box with carrying handle for easy transport to your program site:

  • Instructor Manual (includes a Program Implementation and Training Guide, Evaluation Guide, and Curriculum)
  • Instructor Videotape (for classroom viewing)
  • Companion Videotape (for at-home viewing)
  • Masters of handouts for reproduction
  • CD with handouts, visuals, and evaluation forms (PowerPoint and PDF formats)

Preparation of Instructors

Instructors for this program should be health professionals (i.e. nurses, respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners, etc.) or others who have:

  • Interpersonal skills with both parents and young children;
  • Pediatric asthma management knowledge and experience; and
  • Group facilitation skills.

A Program Implementation and Training Guide is included with the program materials to prepare instructors for teaching the program. 

Program Development

Wee Wheezers was developed by a team of pediatric and pulmonary medicine specialists, psychologists, public health educators, and educational video specialists led by Dr. Sandra Wilson, PhD.

Program Validation

The results of the original research validating the effectiveness of this program indicate improvement on five outcome measures with statistically significant improvement in symptom-free days and sleep interruption.  There were also significant gains in parental knowledge about asthma and asthma management. 

For more details on the research validating the Wee Wheezers program, reference the following article:

Wilson SR, Latini D, Starr NJ, Fish L, Loes LM, Page A, Kubic P.  Education of parents and infants and very young children with asthma: a developmental evaluation of the Wee Wheezers program.  J Asthma. 1996;33(4):239-54 

In addition, visit the following CDC Web site http://www.cdc.gov/asthma/interventions/children.htm and scroll down to Wee Wheezers for more information, including a link to a case study on how one site successfully replicated the program.

$295.00 (English - temporarily out of stock) or (Spanish, Order #H-015S)
Additional Instructor Video: $8.00 each (English #H-015IVE, Spanish #H-015IVS)
Additional Companion Video: $8.00 each (English #H-015PVE, Spanish #H-015PVS)

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