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You Can Control Asthma    Print Page

youcan Ribbon You Can Control Asthma is a validated asthma education program designed to give children ages 6 to 12 and their families more self-confidence and the necessary knowledge and skills needed to control asthma. It consists of a set of parallel booklets for children and their parents, which teach principles of asthma management through pictures, captions, and activities. Also included is an Implementation Guide designed to provide successful strategies for educating families in clinical, community, school and home settings using the You Can Control Asthma booklets.

These low-literacy, culturally appropriate booklets, available in English and Spanish, can be used alone or with the Implementation Guide in a formal educational program. The illustrations, messages, vocabulary and layout of the booklets have been extensively tested with children and adults who have reading limitations.

Program Goals

The purpose of this initiative is to educate children with asthma, ages 6 to 12, and their parents/guardians about managing asthma, coping with the challenges associated with asthma, and providing a healthy home environment.

Program Outline

The Implementation Guide includes lesson plans for 5 parent and 5 child modlues covering the following topics:

Module I       Asthma and Asthma Attacks
Module II      Asthma Triggers
Module III     Peak Flow Meters
Module IV    Medicines
Module V     Decisions, School and Feelings

Instructor Preparation

The Implementation Guide provides information to prepare instructors. Instructors of the education sessions should be trained health professionals such as nurses, respiratory therapists, health educators, or social workers.

Program Development

The books for children and families were developed by a team of physicians, nurses, and health educators which included Georgetown University's Division of Children's Health Promotion in the Department of Family Medicine. The Implementation Guide was created by AAFA by compiling the experiences of many organizations that have been using the books to educate children and parents in clinical, community, and school settings.

Program Validation

The results of the original research validating the effectiveness of these books demonstrated that the children had statistically significant increases in knowledge of self-management skills and early warning signs of acute asthma; and a significant increase in the sense of personal control. Parents reported an increased use of asthma self-management techniques for acute episodes of asthma, less disruption of family activities due to asthma and that the children had increased their use of asthma self-management techniques, resulting in improved management of asthma at home. A subsequent review of medical records indicated a reduction in emergency room use.

For details on the research validating the effectiveness of this program, reference the following articles:

Taggart V.S., Zuckerman A. E., Sly M. R., Steinmueller C., et al. You Can Control Asthma: Evaluation of an Asthma Education Program for Hopitalized Inner-City Children. Patient Education and Counseling. 1991; 17: 35-47.

Taggart VS, Zuckerman AE, Lucas S, Acty-Lindsey A, Bellanti JA. Adapting a self-management education program for asthma for use in an outpatient clinic. Annals of Allergy. 1987 March, 58: 173-178.

In addition, visit the following CDC Web site http://www.cdc.gov/asthma/interventions/children.htm and scroll down to You Can Control Asthma for more information.

$50.00 (English, Order #B-005E) or (Spanish, Order #B-005S) - Spanish temporarily out of stock
$5.50 Book for the Family (English, Order #B-001E) or (Spanish, Order #B-001S) -Spanish temporarily out of stock
$5.50 Book for Kids (English, Order #B-002E) or (Spanish, Order #B-002S)
$10.00 Set of Books(English, Order #B-003E) or (Spanish, Order #B-003S) - Spanish temporarily out of stock
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